Metall-Expres Sp. z o.o. is a reliable supplier of metallurgical products for energy, rail, machine, aviation, automotive and construction industries.

We have been providing services since 2003.

The main lines of products in our catalogue include metallurgical materials made from copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel, such as flat bars, rods, profiles, wires, pipes, as well as sheets and strips.

Copper metallurgy and forming
Manufacturer of copper products

Many years of experience in the non-ferrous metals market allowed us to start our own production of flat bars and copper profiles.

Our products are manufactured in a plant located in the Special Economic Zone in Zaczernie near Rzeszów. They are fabricated with the innovative CONFORM extrusion method, which not only results in high efficiency and flexibility of production, but also enables to fabricate profiles with the cross-section area of up to 5000 mm2.

The batch material is the highest quality anaerobic copper Cu-OFE wire produced by continuous vertical casting using UPCAST technology.

Our production is distinguished not only by the innovativeness of the technologies applied but also by the very high quality of our products.


Purchase and sale of non-ferrous metal scrap,
acid and stainless steel as well as steel.

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Roofing materials

Roofs covered with copper, zinc or titanium-zinc
make the building unique.

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Components manufacturing

The dynamically developing market and growing expectations of customers have influenced
the decision to expand our business by the manufacture of ready-made elements (components).

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Catalog of products

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