Grubość nominalna
Nominal thickness
Stan  / Temper Wytrzymałość na rozciąganie
Tensile strength 
Rm [N/mm2]
A10 [%]
  CuAl   0,5-2,0  miękki  min. 150  min. 30
 twardy  min. 200  min.1,5

CUPAL SHEETS – mass per 1 meter

Grubość / Thicknes
Szerokość / Width [mm]
350 700 1000
0,50 1,02 2,03 2,90
1,00 2,03 4,06 5,80
1,50 3,05 6,09 8,70
2,00 4,06 8,12 11,60

Długość / Length 900-1100 [mm]

Bimetal is a permanent object composed of two various metals, which have different chemical and physical properties. Cupal is classed as bimetal. It is a composite of copper and aluminum. It occurs in form of bars and wires. However, it forms mainly rolled products – sheets, plates, strips, belts.

Concerning the rolled products offered, the chemical composition of copper layer corresponds to CuETP grade and that of aluminum layer to EN-AW1050 grade. The ratio of copper-aluminum is 1:1.

Cupal is mostly used in electrical industry, for construction of cable lines and radiators, and for joining of copper and aluminum wires.

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