Symbol / Symbol Pb min [%]
Pb00 99,99
Pb0 99,99
Pb1 99,98
Pb2 99,97
Pb3 99,95
Pb4 99,90
Pb5 99,50

LEAD SHEETS AND STRIPS – mass per 1 meter

Grubość / Thicknes
Szerokość / Width [mm]
500 1000 2000
0,50 2,91 5,82 11,63
1,00 5,82 11,63 23,26
1,50 8,72 17,45 34,89
2,00 11,63 23,26 46,52
3,00 17,45 34,89 69,78
4,00 23,26 46,52 93,04
5,00 29,08 58,15 116,30
6,00 34,89 69,78 139,56
8,00 46,52 93,04 186,08
10,00 58,15 116,30 232,60

Lead is a metal used in ancient times and nowadays. It has always been a valuable material. It has gained industrial popularity by its properties – it is soft , malleable, ductile and easy to melt.

Currently, lead is mostly used for manufacturing of batteries and accumulators, thus it is significant for branches, notably for the automotive industry. It is also used for manufacturing of generator sets, ammunition and – because of its high density (11.63 kg/dm3) – it is used as ballast in the shipbuilding industry.

Lead represents an excellent barrier to gamma rays and X-rays, and this is why lead sheets are used as protective shields for nuclear power plants and in medicine. Due to the fact that it is insoluble in diluted acids (such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid), it is used for lining tanks and chambers for the production of sulfuric acid. It also finds application in the manufacture of paints, dyes and quick-drying materials.

Considering how lead is used in equipment and installations, it is relatively easy to separate, recover and re-process.

The main metallurgical semiproducts made of lead include sheets, strips, plates, rods, pipes, fl at bars and wires.

However, due to the toxicity of lead, its use is currently more and more restricted and subject to many rules and regulations, including the European Union directives on limiting the use of this element.

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