Grubość / Thicknes
Szerokość / Width [mm]
500 600 700 800 1000
0,55 1,98 2,38 2,77 3,17 3,96
0,60 2,16 2,59 3,02 3,46 4,32
0,65 2,34 2,81 3,28 3,74 4,68
0,70 2,52 3,02 3,53 4,03 5,04
0,80 2,88 3,46 4,03 4,61 5,76
1,00 3,60 4,32 5,04 5,76 7,20

Titanium zinc has been developed to meet the construction industry needs. It is the most durable roofing material except copper. It is an alloy of electrolytically refined zinc and carefully chosen proportions of copper and titanium. Its density is 7.2 kg/dm3. Sheets and strips of titanium zinc are also used for roof flashing, production of facade panels, window sills and roof drainage systems.

The titanium zinc has a high durability, which is for 80-120 years. It is a non-flammable material, requires no maintenance and can be easily formed and joined. It can be subjected to folding, bending, bumping, hammering out, puckering, pulling, deep-drawing and spinning. It is a natural, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable material.

An unquestionable advantage of this material is its attractive appearance, therefore it is used in the construction and modernization of prestigious and presentable buildings, including objects of culture, entertainment and sports halls and/or historic buildings. Under the influence of atmospheric conditions (water, oxygen, carbon dioxide), the sheet metal undergoes a chemical reaction and creates on the surface a thin layer of passivation, commonly known as patina. This phenomenon prevents effectively further reaction, thereby keeps in check corrosion of the material. The titanium zinc sheets and strips can be covered with colourful coatings or artificial patina.

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