Szerokość / Width [mm]
500 600 700 800 1000
0,55* 1,98  2,38 2,77 3,17 3,96
0,60* 2,16 2,59 3,02 3,46 4,32
0,65* 2,34 2,81 3,28 3,74 4,68
0,70* 2,52 3,02 3,53 4,03 5,04
0,80 2,88 3,46 4,03 4,61 5,76
1,00 3,60 4,32 5,04 5,76 7,20

 * Standard thicknesses available for sale

Titanium zinc is one of the most durable materials for roof sheathing.

It is non-flammable, requires no maintenance, is easily shaped and joined. This metal is suitable for recycling in 100%.

A remarkable advantage of this metal is its aesthetic appearance, and because of that it is used at the construction and modernization of prestigious and representative structures such as cultural facilities, stage performance / musical entertainment / sport halls, or historic structures. It is characterized by a high durability. Under the impact of atmospheric factors (water, oxygen, carbon dioxide) the sheet surface undergoes a chemical reaction resulting in the creation of a superficial, thin layer of passivation commonly called a patina. This effect efficiently hampers further reactions and by this it prevents material corrosion. Titanium zinc sheets and strips can be covered with coatings in various colours and an artificial patina.

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