Currently, in addition to production and distribution of semi-finished products made from non-ferrous metals, the company METALL-EXPRES Sp. z o.o. also buys and sells scrap non-ferrous metals, acid-proof stainless steel and black steel.

Over the years we have gained experience and started collaboration with numerous companies operating across Poland and abroad. We conduct business e.g. in many countries of the European Union, such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, etc.  

We have established particularly effective cooperation with Polish non-ferrous metal works, which we supply with massive quantities of raw material. This type of collaboration is growing rapidly.

As a result of its waste-related business, METALL-EXPRES Sp. z o.o. has significantly contributed to raising environmental awareness of the public. Mixed scrap metal is thoroughly sorted at our facility so that its classification is in line with generally accepted standards.

We collect scrap metal with our own means of transport. Scrap metal can be weighed on site on our legally approved mobile scale. At Customers’ request we provide steel containers or big bags.

We have all the required licences related to scrap metal trading. We keep complete record of waste bought and sold, in compliance with the Waste Act.

Owing to their commitment and continuous training, our highly qualified staff will always be happy to present you our current offer, based on the current stock quotes and exchange rates.

We are looking forward to doing business both with companies and with individuals.

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