The roof is the highest part of a structure the purpose of which is to protect it from the impact of atmospherics factors. As the roof gives a shape to the entire mass of a building, the appearance and quality of the roof determines the exclusiveness of a structure, therefore it is the essential element characterizing styles in the construction industry.

The roof is composed of a load-bearing structure and roof sheathing. It is just roof sheathing which is the element exposed to the greatest extent to the impact of atmospherics factors. That is why the roof decking should be strong, tight, non-flammable, light, and – since it characterizes the look of a structure – aesthetic.

Our offer includes cooper and titanium zinc strips and sheets which meet all the aforesaid requirements, so they are excellent materials for roof sheathing. They are preferably used also for the production of façade panels installed on modern buildings giving them a unique and exceptional character and style.

Due to its properties and ageless appearance both copper and titanium zinc find wide application in the construction industry. Those materials are used for the covering of church architectural facilities, often historic ones, and also the structures featured by an inventive and remarkable mass, as well as the entire building complexes.

The use of copper and titanium zinc sheets provides an excellent roofing for many generations. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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