Szerokość / Width [mm]
500 600 680 700 800 1000
0,50 2,23 2,67 3,03 3,12 3,56 4,45
0,55* 2,45 2,94 3,33 3,43 3,92 4,90
0,57* 2,54 3,04 3,45 3,55 4,06 5,07
0,60* 2,67 3,20 3,63 3,74 4,27 5,34
0,70 3,12 3,74 4,24 4,36 4,98 6,23
0,80 3,56 4,27 4,84 4,98 5,70 7,12
0,90 4,01 4,81 5,45 5,61 6,41 8,01
1,00 4,45 5,34 6,05 6,23 7,12 8,90

* Thicknesses permanently available for sale

Due to the reliability and durability of the material the copper roof sheathings have been used for centuries. Copper is used for both roofing and roof accessories. This is because cooper has many distinctive features in comparison with other metals used for roofing jobs. The characteristic future of copper sheathing is its exceptional tightness and durability. Copper is resistant to atmospheric factors and it does not let in moisture. Exposed for a longer time to humid air it creates a green layer of copper salt, the so called patina which protects the metal from corrosion. Thank to easy shaping copper may be used for the roofs of complicated forms.

An undoubted advantage of copper sheathings is a very aesthetic appearance which when appropriately installed may last even 300 years. Copper is environmentally friendly and it may be recycled many times.

For roof sheathing the most often copper sheets or stripes of the thickness of 0.5 up to 1.0 mm are used.

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