The roof is the finial of every building and it gives the structure an individual appearance and character. However, in order to give it a peculiar character it is necessary to select an appropriate roof finish comprising the drainage system and roof ornaments/decorations. The use of such pieces makes the roof unique and exceptional as well as extremely elegant.

In our offer we have water drainage and finish systems as well as ornamental pieces made of copper and titanium zinc. Those pieces are a great supplement for a copper or titanium zinc roof sheathing.

In our offer the following accessories are included:

  • gutters,
  • brackets for hipped roof end,
  • drain containers,
  • running outlets,
  • elbows,
  • couplings,
  • clips,
  • nails,
  • ornamental spirelets,
  • ornamental points,
  • balls, cupolas, and roof ornamental cocks
  • and may other pieces necessary for the installation of roof sheathing and giving the entire building a characteristic appearance.