The dynamically developing market and growing expectations of customers have influenced the decision to expand our business by the manufacture of ready-made elements (components).

Collaboration with many companies operating in various branches of industry and the related experience gained guarantee high quality and punctuality of our orders.

Finished components , as well as semi-finished products for subsequent stages of production, are made primarily of copper, brass, steel and aluminium. Orders are executed according to the documentation sent by the contractor. In the absence of technical specification of the product, it is possible to prepare such specification based on the presented requirements and technical standards.

We provide services in the scope of:

Machining of copper, aluminium and steel flat bars using highly efficient CNC controlled punching machines

The machining allows cutting to the desired length and penetration by punching. Additionally, we perform turning and threading services using special tools. At the customer’s request, the indicated elements can be bent or shaped in any way using CNC-controlled horizontal bending machines.

Turning of copper, steel, brass and aluminium rods

We manufacture pieces with a high degree of complexity and accuracy of workmanship. We have CNC-controlled machining centres that allow us to produce components in an automated manner, as well as with high quality conventional lathes that complement our production capacity. Experience that we have allows us to produce turned and drilled pieces up to a length of even 500 mm.

Milling of all kinds of sheets and formats made of copper, steel, brass and aluminium according to the customer’s technical documentation

Milling allows to obtain complex surface shapes, and also allows to make various types of grooves and channels and holes of non-standard shapes.

Application of galvanised coatings

Zinc plating, nickel plating, silver plating, anodising, etc. – providing anticorrosive protection, and giving the pieces the desired visual effect.